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Work Responsibilities
2020-01-20 15:52      Source:Hangzhou China      

Deputy MayorKe is in charge of the priority work of the municipal government and work with regards to public mobility infrastructure (like railway, airport and road engineering), digital reform and common prosperity. He is also the assistant to the Mayorin charge of auditing.


Kesupervises the city’s General Office, Development and Reform Commission, Bureau of Jurisdiction, Bureau of Finance, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Emergency Management Bureau, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Bureau of Local Financial Supervision, Bureau of Statistics, Municipal Government Offices Administration, Policy Research Office (Counsellors’ Office), Data Resources Administration, Pairing Assistance and Local Cooperation Bureau, Chengxi Technology Innovation Corridor Administration Commission, Beijing Office, Shanghai (Shenzhen) Office and Roadway Administration Office.


The First Deputy Mayor is also the liaison of the municipal governmentto Hangzhou People’s Congress, CPPCCHangzhou Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Supervision Commission, the city’s commission of the eight democratic parties, Hangzhou Municipal Trade Union, Hangzhou Municipal Tax Service of State Taxation Administration, Hangzhou Investigation Team of National Statistical Bureau, Hangzhou Garrison Command, CAPF Hangzhou Force, Hangzhou Fire Control and Rescue Force and all financial agencies based in Hangzhou.