Jiande space camp popular all summer
2019-09-06 Source:Hangzhou China

The Cloud Space Hotel at Jiande’s aviation town welcomed a group of young guests lately. They were all in pilot suits and extremely excited to see aeroplane models and rooms designed with space themes, including those similar to first-class cabin of A380 and Airbus suites. 

Besides airport and airplane-like decorations, the hotel also displays an array of flying-related gadgets, which is like heaven for space lovers. The kids also followed pilots to take a tour of the Qiandaohu general aviation airport and saw some real helicopters. 

As well as the above mentioned experiences, the kids also took classes about flying theories and fundamentals about hot balloons, choppers and autogyros. They also made plane models. The camp has six classrooms and several teach grounds to provide participants with the best pilot experiences. 

The space summer camp has over 30 interesting and valuable activities, which will surely sow aviation seeds in kids’ heart. Over 64,000 kids have signed up for the camp since its founding. 

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