China Early Childhood Education Conference held in city
2019-12-06 Source:Hangzhou China

The 6th China Early Childhood Education Conference, which was held in Hangzhou lately, attracted experts, scholars, kindergarten headteachers and teachers from all over the world and focused on the future of early childhood education.


Director Du Zhixin of the Child Development Center of the China Development Research Foundation specially introduced the “one kindergarten for each village” program during the conference. China has a population of 280 million under the age of 18, 130 million of which live in the remote countryside. Rural kids, who do not have access to pre-school education, develop their language and intelligence slower than their counterparts in cities. “Our surveys show that job applicants who received pre-school education perform way better than those who didn’t in the interview sessions, despite similar written test results, due to the latter’s weaker communication skills.”


The program aims to make the best of the vacated classrooms due to rural primary school mergers, spare administrative offices, and homes available. Free but quality kindergarten education will be provided if there are more than 10 kids under the age of 6 in a village: all in one class in case of only a few kids and classes of different grades in case of many. The program has opened over 2,300 “countryside kindergartens” in the 22 counties of nine Chinese provinces so far, and the results show that kids who would not have had the chance to go to kindergartens are making obvious progress because of this program. For instance, 80% of the kids that would not have gone to kindergartens if not for this program in Ledu District, Haidong, Qinghai ranked among the top 25% students in terms of academic performance when they are in the fifth grade. “We advise the expansion of this program as the country has put even more emphasis on pre-school education,” said Du.

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