Yintai upgrades loyalty program
2019-12-06 Source:Hangzhou China

Yintai upgraded its customer loyalty program in an all-round way this year, achieving a major breakthrough in the digitization of consumer transactions, after the digitization for commodities, shopping guides, and shopping malls.


The Intime mobile app Miaojie has launched a bookkeeping feature, which allows users to check their annual spending and the amount of money saved by shopping on Miaojie. The app offers 10% of the money saved as discounts on their spending in Miaojie for the Double 12 shopping promotion. Yintai saved CNY 1,048 for each consumer in the past year, which is enough for a family trip of three to Shanghai’s Disneyland, according to data compiled by Yintai.


“The red envelopes or discounts, offered by Miaojie can be used in both online and offline shopping scenarios. I don’t need to stay up to wait for a limited number of red packets anymore. They will automatically turn into discounts for the Double 12 shopping promotion,” said a Yintai member named Lu Yao, who exclaimed the shopping mall chain’s promotion activity.


Yintai’s customer loyalty program, after its digital integration with that of Alibaba, has  seen significant changes, allowing users to choose between “buy and pick-up from malls,” “buy at malls and home delivery,” and “buy online and pick-up at malls,” as well as learn about brands available in Yintai malls, their stock units and promotions. The app can identify customers’ membership and process payments and transactions in 58 seconds. All transactions are updated in real-time in the app and entitled to the 60-day return - no questions asked policies.


After three years of new retail practice, Yintai has become a connected mall chain with digitalized customer loyalty programs, which are set to promote the integration of online and offline retail and improve the shopping experience.

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