Reddened maple leaves await visitors
2019-12-04 Source:Hangzhou China

The city has officially entered the winter as the temperature fell sharply lately. As the Tang poem goes, “leaves after frosts are redder than Spring flowers.” It is the best season for visiting maple leaves in the West Lake scenic area after this round of sudden low temperatures.

The Flower Harbor is more colorful now with the reddened leaves now. The scenic spot’s red carp pool, waterside bamboo corridors, and peony pavilion are full of surprises awaiting visitors. 

The Suffusing Clouds and Gurgling Waters of Santai Mountain, a scenic spot which is not well known to many, is only 10 minutes walk from the Su Causeway. It is a pretty quiet place with lakeside maple trees, waving reeds and a hidden pavilion with the roof covered by dry grass. 

Besides, Taiziwan Park, Lingyin Feilai Peak Scenic Area, and Hupao Road also have red maple leaves that draw the unique colors of this season.

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