2019 NetEase Future Conference to be held on Nov 23-24
2019-11-26 Source:Hangzhou China

Does capturing cosmic gravitational waves for three times mean that human beings can have a love affair with ancient people?

Does that mean that mankind has evolved into a Cybertron-like intelligent civilization if it only takes 200 seconds do all the calculations that take modern supercomputers 10,000 years?

How will the world be changed by 5G communication and blockchain technology technologies?

These seemingly far-fetched and mysterious questions will be revealed one by one at the 2019 NetEase Future Conference held in Hangzhou International Expo Center on Nov 23-24. Top Chinese and foreign scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and key opinion leaders will get together to discuss the development trends of new technologies such as quantum communication, 5G network, artificial intelligence and blockchain, as well as talk about the integration of technology and commerce, and the digital economy trend in the future.

American theoretical physicist Kip Stephen Thorne, the 2017 Nobel Physics Prize Laureate, will attend the conference. Thorne is one of the world's leading researchers in astrophysics under the general theory of relativity, as well as the main founder of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). He is also a good friend of Stephen Hawking and the scientific advisor to the movie Interstellar. His astronomy book for general readers - "Black Holes & Time Warps" - talks about a series of stunning wonders of the universe: wormhole, time machine, big bang, gravitational slingshots, interstellar travel, etc.

Academician Guo Guangcan, who is the first to put forward the quantum error-avoiding codes and the probabilistic quantum cloning principles, the first to achieve quantum storage in the three-dimensional entanglement state in a solid-state system, and helped build the first quantum computing-based e-government site, will also share his  opinions on a broad quantum era at the conference.

China's technology tentacles are reaching the deep ocean as well as the vast universe. Pan Delu, head of the National Ocean Information Academician and Expert Group, pioneer of China’s ocean remote sensing technology development, advisor to China’s ocean strategies, and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, will describe his thoughts about China becoming a world marine power.

In addition, the conference also invited academician Liu Yunjie, the “Father of China's Internet,” chairman Meng Pu of Qualcomm China, Major-General Peng Guangqian of the PLA and a well-known expert on strategic issues, founding managing partner Yan Yan of SAIF Partners, former deputy education minister Zhang Xinsheng, and Tian Wei, with China Media Group, among other distinguished guests.

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