Children’s Park embraces 3rd round of blooming osmanthus
2019-10-21 Source:Hangzhou China

The strong scent of osmanthus flowers in the air has become a little light recently since it started over a week. Many people haven’t had enough it, though. No worries, it’ll be back soon.

This year’s osmanthus flowers are somewhat hard to predict. The first round of blooming was over too early. The second round of blossoms opened during the National Day holiday and withered immediately after the holiday. People thought that’s the end of this flowering season and felt sorry, but here comes the third round, which is even better than the first and second rounds. 

As Lin Yutang said in the “The Golden Aspect of Autumn,” I probably don’t like late autumn. I prefer the beginning of autumn, when the air was still fresh, the moon was full, the crabs were fat, and the osmanthus flowers were bright and clear. They do not add to the chilly and bleak conditions, which is most worth enjoying. Aren’t these words suitable for Hangzhou at present? There are comfortable autumn winds, round moon, fragrant osmanthus flowers and delicious hairy crabs.

The blossoms will last about a week, according to workers at the Children’s Park. We may need to farewell them after that, so why don’t you get together with some friends and go to the parks to smell the soothing fragrance?

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