Hangzhou airport starts around-the-clock clearance service
2019-10-16 Source:Hangzhou China

The city’s airport announced that it has started the around-the-clock custom clearance service, meaning that it is capable of handling international routes 24/7 and more international flights for the airport.

The around-the-clock service enables more timely clearance for all flights, international passengers and imports/exports. “The airport’s service capacity from 7am to 0pm is already saturated. The only way to add flights is to open the hours from 0am to 6am. The around-the-clock service certainly helps,” said Chen Mingrong, general manager of marketing, Zhejiang Provincial Airport Group.

The city’s increasing internationalization and closer connection with the world is rapidly pushing up the entrance and exit volume at the airport, which ranks the fifth among all Chinese airports. In the eighteen years by 2018, the entrance and exit volume grew more than 16 times. In 2018 along, passengers entered China via the airport amounted to 5.18 million; the number of flights entered and exited China stood at 36,000; post volume was 76,000 tons.

The airport has started operating flights to Rome of Italy, St Petersburg of Russia, Manila of the Philippines and Vientiane of Laos since the beginning of this year. On November 29, the airport will start operating a flight to Cairo of Egypt, increasing its international destinations to 51 in more than 30 countries, and 72 for the province’s airports, 16 of which are in continents outside Asia.

The expansion project of Hangzhou airport that is under construction will boost its handling capacity to 14 million and 18 million in the future, which is five times now. As the airport becomes busier, service upgrading is necessary. 

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