City welcomes 19 million tourists during Golden Week
2019-10-16 Source:Hangzhou China

The city received 18.95 million tourists during the seven day National Day holiday, up 6.7% YoY. Total tourism revenue grew 6.02% to CNY 16.1 billion, according to data by Hangzhou Culture, Broadcasting, TV and Tourism Bureau. After the West Lake and the Grand Canal, Liangzhu Ancient City Relics has become another popular tourist attraction. 

About 3.6 million tourists visited the West Lake during the Golden Week holiday, of which 225,700 to Leifeng Pagoda. In addition, the city balcony of Qianjiang New City welcomed 252,800. 

The successful World Heritage listing of the Liangzhu ancient city ruins helped boost its tourist traffic. The relics park and Liangzhu Museum were visited by 35,800 and 76,700 tourists, respectively. In the meantime, country tours, lodgings and folk art-related tours in the adjacent areas also boomed.

Sightseeing in the day and going to theatres at night is the Hangzhou-style holiday model. The Hubin pedestrian-only street, or the city’s living room, attracted visitors with its commercial and travel resources. Light shows of Qianjian New City and Wulin Square saw their visitors increase 9.2% YoY. Boat tours on Qiantang River add Jianyin Yacht during the holiday. Stage shows “The Legend of Romance” and “The Chinese Dream” and circus show Cirque du Soleil X are among the most popular shows. 

Small bridges over slowly flowing rivers and some houses along the way are often used to depict the countryside in the part of China south to the Yangtze River. Its folklores and modern activities are the activities that win a lot of scores from the visitors. The counties and county-level cities under Hangzhou’s administration welcomed over 1 million visitors during the seven days. Popular sightseeing spots include the huge flower patches in Xiaoshan,  Xiaoshan, Gongshu, Yuhang and Tonglu, Lingshan town in the West Lake area, overhang glass bridges in Lin’an, the bridge in Tianmu Grand Canyon that went viral online, and the water spring that wells in case of sound. 

The “Smart Culture and Travel” app has also boosted the tourism sector growth. During the National Day holiday week, the 86 sightseeing spots that allow online signups and payment via QR code scan for entry received nearly 100,000 visitors, up 50% from not so busy days. The 240 hotels that allow quick check-in served more than 40,000 guests. The 35 digital travel routes increased their transportation capacity by 20%. The digital application is rapidly driving the growth of tours of various kinds. 

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