City to certify “travel experts”
2017-09-25 Source:Hangzhou China

To promote the dedication of professionals in the city’s travel industry and let “a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best” becoming the social trend, Hangzhou Travel Committee, Hangzhou General Labor Union, Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hangzhou Quality Technology Inspection Bureau and Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group started the certification for “travel experts” in the city.

The campaign is launched while the city is developing its ten special industries with the greatest potential. Registration, expert panel review, award granting and public announcement will take place from September to November.

The certification is expected to select a number of “craftsmen” in this industry, and will help improve the internationalization of the city .

The activity will eventually select 30 such experts and gets a lot of publicity. Professionals in this industry can now sign up for the selection at

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