Alibaba Xiaoshan Industrial Belt welcomes 877 companies
2017-06-08 作者:贾晓芸 Source:Hangzhou China

Xiaoshan District and Alibaba Group signed an agreement to further their cooperation at Hangzhou International Expo Center on June 5. The two sides will start their cooperation on five new sectors – new retailing, new manufacturing, new finance, new technologiy and new energy, as well as seven expand their cooperation on seven new sectors – urban data brain, construction, important convention activities, cloud computing/big data, smart mobile e-government/enterprise building, smart logistics and 1688 SME services.

Xiaoshan has previously formed alliance with Alibaba on industrial belt projects. Last September, the urban brain transportation module was launched to collect big data in downtown Xiaoshan, which was the initial exploration to improve traffic conditions with big data. Alibaba Xiaoshan Industrial Belt is the first government-oriented feature industrial cluster, in which 877 companies have open offices, generating total sales of CNY 610 million.

Xiaoshan has a large number of privately-owned companies, especially those that are engaged in traditional manufacturing businesses in towns and villages. Some well-known ones include Xintang’s elder industry, Dangshan’s sanitary ware plants, and Nanyang’s umbrella making. These places became less competitive in an era of e-commerce. As the industrial belt project sponsored by Alibaba was carried out in October 2015, its B2B service has helped the manufacturers upgrade their businesses. For example, an umbrella maker makes the best of e-commerce platforms, and achieved higher online sales than offline sales.

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