Hangzhou East Railway Station offers postcards
2017-06-05 Source:Hangzhou China

Travelers usually have plenty of time at the waiting hall for rains or flights. Postcards are now offered at some transportation terminals to fill their time. Hangzhou Tourism Commission and China Post Group’s Hangzhou branch have jointly started selling and mailing postcards for tourists at Hangzhou East Railway Station, Huanglong Tourism Terminal and Wushan Square tourist inquiry office.

Offering post services at transportation terminals is unprecedented in China. The postcards offered initially are printed with paintings by Jean-Pierre Chevassus-agnes, a student of Pablo Picasso. Chevassus-agnes is well-known for his depiction of the delight of the West Lake. From his paintings of the lake’s ten most famous tourist attractions, the city picked “West Lake, One Family” and “West Lake, Meeting” to print the postcards, inviting people from all around the world to come to Hangzhou.

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