2017 China Craft Week kicks off
2017-06-19 Source:Hangzhou China

China sets displayed at the main table of the G20 National Banquet, master works by British artists and wedding dress with the same design as that worn by Chinese entertainment star Angelababy … The 2017 China Craft Week & International Conference of Innovation Traditional Crafts kicked off on June 16. The center sets up five exhibition zones for world-class handicrafts by top handicraft artists around the world.

The theme country of the China Craft Week this year is the UK. It brings visitors art works from the country by inviting British brands to attend the activity and encourages the cooperation between designers from China and the UK. The five exhibition zones are for traditional crafts of Hangzhou, innovative crafts of Hangzhou, China-UK cross-industry crafts, and UK craft designs.

During the conference, there are seven sub-forums that have invited famous designers around the globe to talk about the inheritance, innovation of traditional crafts, how traditional crafts can blend with modern lives, and how internet can boost the development of traditional crafts. Ralph Wiegmann, the organizing committee chairman of IF Award, and British bestselling design writers Charlotte and Peter Fiell will share their views on handicrafts. The China Craft Week will end on June 20.

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