City’s people allowed to pay medical expenses via Alipay
2017-05-18 Source:Hangzhou China

Hangzhou is well-known globally for its wide application of mobile payment. The city’s smart health system has been connected to Alipay, allowing its people to pay medical expenses via Alipay. 10 local hospitals started accepted such payments from May 1. Medical institutions and hospitals of the counties under the city’s administration have also started accepting Alipay from May 15.

Mr. Wei was quite satisfied with the mobile payment progress for medical expenses, which even allow them to pay via Alipay in community clinics. “It was also very convenient for me to pay the medical account IC card, but if there’s not enough money on the card, I would have to climb up down the hospital building to get it solve; now, with Alipay, even there’s not enough money, I can pay with Alipay, which really saves time for me.”

With the Alipay service window, local people can make appointments, check medical reports, search hospitals, top up accounts, etc. The recent progress made by the city’s health system has streamlined medication and related public services. Since the second half of 2012, Hangzhou has created a number of smart medical applications, such as the inter-prescription settlement, which greatly changed the doctor seeing models that have existed for dozens of years and improved the experience for patients.

The city started offering “paying medical expenses after treatment” services last year, which simplifies doctor seeing procedures. Over 40 million doctor visits have used the service since then. The city’s practice was exemplified and promoted by the Medical Reform Office under the State Council.

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