Dingding taps CNY 10 bln smart office market
2017-05-16 Source:Hangzhou China

Alibaba’s Dingding is expanding to a blue sea market. Alibaba DING summit in Hangzhou kicked off on May 9. Dingding rolled out its first smart office hardware, M1 smart attendance machine, and announced to open the machine’s standards and infrastructure technologies to all businesses.

Dingding M1 features its revolutionary improvement on attendance management. “This is a cloud data-based smart device,” said Chen Hang, a manager with Dingding. Through connection with Dingding, M1 can process data that usually takes five days to process manually just in one day, which reduces statistics costs by 80%. Not only fingerprint clock-in, M1 is also compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth, which saves time for lining up.

Dingding and its partners worked six month to create the machine. Is it Dingding shifting from software to hardware developer? “We’re not making hardware, but releasing standards and opening infrastructure technologies to developers, and try to make attendance management easier by connecting the machines with phones and cloud, which may well reduce costs,” said Chen.

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