City opens lawn in Xueshi Park to visitors
2017-12-29 Source:Hangzhou China

The 6,000sqm lawn in Xueshi Park was open to visitors last weekend. To the north of the lawn is another lawn in one of the Lake’s most well-known scenic spots, Orioles Singing in the Willows, which was not open yet. The two lawns have similar size. 

The Manila grass planted in the Xueshi Park lawn was introduced after the G20 Summit meeting last September.  Such sturdy grass that can stand up to foot traffic stops growth and hibernates in winter. Despite the absence of bright green colour, it still feels very soft, and walking on it is like stepping on a big blanket. The lawn is another view in the city’s winter, just like the fallen leaves on the lakeside and withered lotus in the lake. 

“We removed signs asking visitors to keep off the grass, and hope it could be a place for people to enjoy themselves,” said a worker with the West Lake scenic area administration. The lawn will be open through next March. Visitors are advised not to make camps or litter on the lawn.

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