Xixi invites you to watch snow of reeds
2017-11-07 Source:Hangzhou China

The 2017 Xixi Listening to Reed Festival will be held from Nov 2 to Dec 17, when visitors can see waving reed patches near Qiuxue Nunnery at Xixi Wetland. People in Southern China would love to compare flowering reeds to snow, which is often rare in this part of China. Xixi Wetland has 60 acres of reed plants. 


On the morning of Nov 2, 70 poets from Zhejiang best-known poem societies and culture research institutions worshiped the province’s ancient poets. Children poets from Dongyuan Elementary School recited their poems at the ceremony. After the ceremony, the poets wrote and recited poems to performance of Shaoxing Opera. 

About 600 elementary students drew pictures of reeds on Chinese fans under the guidance of art teachers, putting an end to the activity of children embracing mother nature from March. Over 30,000 students painted pictures or did handwork related to plants, insects and birds in the wetland, and 153 pieces of works are selected for exhibition. 


The festival also invites visitors to attend the following activities. 

Activity 1 - The wetland has some stone tablets with inscriptions of poems that date back to over one thousand years ago. A poem recitation competition participated by middle school and elementary school students will be held to pass down the nation’s cultural essence. 

Activity 2 - 2017 Xixi Autumn Photography Festival. “Autumn Reeds Resembles Flying Snowflakes” is one of Xixi’s ten most remarkable views. The autumn views of the wetland also amazed countless photographers. The competition offers abundant rewards for winners. Free admission for members of Zhejiang Photographer Association during the festival. Please follow “hzxixisd” on WeChat or call 0571-88106689 for more information.

Activity 3 - 2017 Hangzhou Innovative Light Show.The show will be staged at 6:30pm-9:30pm every night until Nov 10 to the north of the sculpture park of Xixi Wetland (at the crossing of Wen San Xi Road and Zi Jin Gang Road). Using the state-of-the-art light technologies, the show displays the city’s views including swimming fish in Xixi Wetland and lotus fields under moonlight.   

Activity 4 - Reed handwork making experience. At a souvenir and grocery store by the Ehzhu Street of Xixi Wetland, visitors can make handwork with reed flowers and recycled paper from flowers and grass, which can be preserved for over a thousand years. The park will also present Shaoxing Opera on the ancient stage near Shentankou. There will also be ancient musical instrument performances on the waterside from Zhouijacun to Xialongtan. 


It is the low water season for Xixi Wetland in late autumn. Visitors can join the fishermen to catch some fish, water snails and shrimps before enjoying them by having them cooked at local restaurants. You may also have the opportunity to watch cormorant catching fish, a thousand-year-old tradition. 

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