2017 China Mother & Baby Care Industry Summit
2017-10-10 Source:Hangzhou China

Mobile E-commerce is gradually outdated as the mother & baby care industry starts to  enter a 3.0 era that features “embracing data, embracing technology,” said Zhang Lianglun, CEO and founder of Beibei, at the 2017 China Mother & Baby Care Industry Summit on Sept 25.

The focus of competition has shifted from products to consumer trust, and consumption habits now fully reflect the favour of each individual consumer. The “me” era has come for the mother & baby care industry with three symbols. First, what “I” like are “my” top brands, whether they are well-known ones or not. Second, word of mouth matters very much. Third, “I” have the strong desire to let others know my choice.

The summit, which themed “new mom & baby, new ecology,” discussed the industry’s current conditions and future trends. Three trends are very obvious, according to Zhang. First, social network-based consumption grows very rapidly, and WeChat e-commerce is a market of CNY 100 billion. Second, the distribution has expanded to lower-tier cities, which means that the consumption upgrading in third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier Chinese cities will provide enormous business opportunities. Third, more consumers are choosing Chinese brands with their improving quality and marketing. “Whoever can make the best of the opportunity by balancing user experience and operating efficiency can grab more share of the market and become a unicorn in the industry,” said Zhang.

On the same day, iResearch published a report about the industry. The market will reach about CNY 3 trillion this year, with e-commerce, social news and comprehensive services being the three components. The report predicts that the business model of e-commerce plus social group will prevail, while education, medical, and interactive activities between parents and kids can predominantly create value-added services.

Beibei inaugurated its research institute with iResearch and Tsinghua University during the summit. With the big data/AI strength of Tsinghua University and the analysis strength of iRsearch, Beibei will make the best of the consumption behaviours of its 80 million users, and contribute its insight of the industry and provide intellectual support to the industry’s development.

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