I. Work Review of 2012

I. Work Review of 2012
In the face of severe and complicated international and domestic situations in 2012, the whole city, working together and doing much solid work to overcome all kinds of difficulties, have successfully completed the annual tasks and reached its goal of the whole year under the wise guidance of Communist Party of China Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government by taking scientific development as its theme, accelerating the transformation of economic growth mode as its main task, boosting the economy, making people wealthy and having a harmonious society as its goal. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached 780.398 billion yuan, with an increase of 9%; the General Fiscal Revenue was 162.789 billion yuan, increased by 9.3%, among which the local Fiscal Revenue was 85.999 billion yuan, increased by 9.5%; the disposable income of urban residents per capita reached 37,511 yuan and rural residents per capita net income was 17,017 yuan, increased by 10.1% and 11.6%, respectively; the newly employed labor reached 243.6 thousand and the registered urban unemployment rate was 1.63%; the consumer price increased by 2.5%; and the natural population growth rate stood at 3.95‰.
I) Stable and Healthy Economic Growth
II) Continuous Optimization of Industrial Structure
III) Continual Promotion of City Functions
IV) Striking Effects of Overall Urban and Rural Development
V) Strengthening the Vitality of Reform and Innovation 
VI) People’s Livelihood Being Improved Continuously and the Social Management Being Strengthened
VII) Ecological Environment Being Continuously Improved 
VIII) The Self-Construction of Government Being Further Strengthened

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