Environment Protection

The government of Hangzhou is making great efforts to improve the urban environment under the brand of “residing, traveling, studying and establishing business in Hangzhou”, and to initiate the implementation of Four Projects, namely: Project Blue Sky, Project Green Water, Project Greenness and Project Quietness. Environment quality of Hangzhou keeps improving. In 2008, The volume of chemical oxygen consumption by industrial sectors declined 3.7% and the volume of SO2 emission declined 3.7% as well. The discharge standard rate of SO2 in the industrial exhaust gas and the discharge standard rate of industrial wastewater comparatively reached 98% and 82%. The central wastewater treatment rate reached 83.9%, 3% over the previous year. According to the state standard, in 2008, there were 301 days of excellent air quality in Hangzhou city proper, around the same year 6.09 million M2 of new greenbelt was constructed in the city proper. Up to the end of 2008, the per capita greenbelt coverage of Hangzhou reached 14.1 M2.

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