Culture Undertakings
1.Cultural Facilities
The construction of the famous cultural cit y was strengthened. By the end of 2008, there were 14 public libraries with 10.02 million books and Hangzhou Library was awarded the top state social & culture prize of Mass-Star Prize; 13 cultural stations ; 57 museums (memorial halls); 12 theatres; 2 mass art stations; 2 concert halls. It also owned 24 statelevel prote c tion sites of cultural relics.

2.Culture and Arts

By executing “Prefect-Product Project”, Hangzhou strived to impel the fl ourish development of art creation. In 2008, the literature and art works won 9 international-level prizes and 76 above provincial-level prizes. The work of fi lm and television program creation was impelled further, which won 40 government prizes of provincial-level broadcasting and televisions. The fi eld of foreign culture exchange was made great effort to develop. In the whole year, a series of culture exchange projects with 105 batch-trips and 1,836 person-trips were input and output. By the end of the year, there were 19 professional performing art ensembles of various sorts. A total of 18 items got into the protection of the Second Non-Material Culture heritage.

3.Broadcasting and Television
The city's radio and television stations have offered more-defi ned, more-varied and more-attractive programs. By the end of 2008 the city had 2 TV stations with 22 TV channels and 9 radio stations with 18 channels. The coverage rate of TV and radio service all reached 99.8 percent. The number of cable TV users was 1.8494 million households, including 0.9643 million digital TV households . The comprehensive coverage rate of administrative villages and natural villages amounted to 100 percent.

4.Press and Publication
The press and publication industry was thriving. In 2008, a total of 1.82 billion copies of newspapers, 73 million copies of magazines and 296 million copies of books were issued in the year. The work of copyright was enhanced further and Hangzhou was the fi rst city of Copyright Protection City in China.

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