Education Undertakings
1.Regular Education
The balanced development of compulsory education and high-quality and basic education modernization were comprehensively pushed forward.By the end of 2008, the enrollment rate of the kindergartens for the children 3 years before school age reached 97.1 percent. The number of elementary schools totaled 418 in the city, 260 junior middle schools as well as 76 senior secondary schools. The enrollment rate of compulsory school, consolidation rate and the enrollment of the “Three disabled” school-age children maintained at the province’s leading level; 98.7 percent of the students from junior middle schools were enrolled into senior secondary schools of various sorts. The strategy of “Mainly in public schools, schools for migrant workers’ children as a supplement” properly resolved the children of migrant workers in Hangzhou 138,300.

2.Vocational Education
The vocational education’s six action plans promoted vigorously.By the end of 2008, there were 18 vocational Colleges, 98,900 students. The city's secondary vocational schools (including the vocational high School, specialized secondary school, technical school) 65, 108,100 students, of which middle vocational school above the provincial level was 39(16 national, 23 provincial-level), accounting for 60 percnet of the whole city.

3.Adult Education
The multi-layer network of adult education was formed basically. By the end of 2008, there were 6 adult collages with 156,700 students. The number of adult middle schools reached 17 with 24,400 student. Of the total, there were 327 adults’ technological training schools with 557,200 students.

4.Higher Education
The level of higher education and the quality of the personnel training upgrated continuously.By the end of 2008, there were 36 general colleges and universities with 409,600 students, up by 4.3 percent over the previous year, including 29,700 graduate students. The gross enrollment rate of colleges and universities was 51.9 percent, increased 1.5 percentage points than the previous year.

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