I) Promoting a balanced development by overcoming difficulties

Sticking to the theory of “making progresses steadily”, we will strive for a balanced development of consumption, investment and exportation, and practically strengthen the endogenous dynamics of economic development.
Expanding the effective investment. We will increase the investment in major infrastructures that are related to the overall economic development such as transportation, energy, power, water conservancy, environmental protection. We will ensure the opening of Hangzhou-Nanjing and Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed railways, the construction of Hangzhou-Huangshan high-speed railway, Lin-Jin highway, Qian-Huang highway, and the completion of East Railway Station hub. We will complete the project of Qianjiang channel and its terminal projects, promote the construction of highways such as the double tracking west-ring expressway, the extension to Hang-Chang highway (Jihong road), and speed up the construction of the key projects to prevent flood, such as Sanbao Drainage Works, Qianjiang water conservancy hub in Xiaoshan, Xianlin Reservoir, and the consolidation of the key dykes on Qianjiang River. We will deepen the investment promotion and capital introduction, and actively encourage and support the investment of non-governmental capital in the fields of industrial development, public service and people’s livelihood, focusing on industrial clusters, central towns, and the top ten industries. We will introduce investment guides and approaches that integrate the constraint index setup and the spatial layout of industries into the guidance of the industry development, and guide the downstream industries and disadvantageous enterprises to quit on their own initiatives. We will secure the land use for the construction of major industrial projects, further raise the proportion of investment in industry, and promote the development of intensive industry and industry agglomeration. We will intensify land acquisition and resettlement, improve the project reserves and approval mechanism, recheck 55000 mu either granted but not supplied or supplied but not used, and advance the inefficient use of the secondary development of the construction land. We will carry out evaluation and classification of land use for all kinds of clusters, and put efforts into increasing the production of every land unit. We will further promote the exchanges and cooperation among administrations, banks and enterprises, increase credit promotion service for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, and take effective measures to increase direct financing.
Promoting the consumption growth. We will carry out consumption cultivation project, improve consumption policies, and optimize the environment of consumption. We will take advantage of business group restructuring, making Hangzhou commercial and trade enterprises bigger and stronger. We will speed up the construction of the center business zone with Yan’an Road as its axis and Wulin, QingChun, Wushan and Hubin districts as its center, and open the big Hubin business circle phase II. We will build business circles in Qianjiang New City, Chengdong New City, Linping New City, the Canal areas, Xiaoshan and Binjiang, and cultivate subway businesses. We will speed up the construction of commercial facilities in the clusters and key towns, and improve the commercial formats and consumption environment of counties and key towns. We will promote the construction of Hangzhou International Trade City and Kerry center. We will accelerate the development of commodity trading markets. We will hold 200 activities, namely a “shopping paradise with delicious food”, to promote consumption, and explore other consumption areas such as automobile, home appliances, wedding and other celebrations, health care, etc. We will promote consumption in services such as tourism, culture, leisure, entertainment, health, fitness, etc. We will explore new consumption patterns, put efforts into fostering e-trade, make e-commerce industry chain stronger and encourage residents to do more online shopping. We will further carry out the project of “Thousands of Villages and Townships”, and improve the modern circulation network in rural areas.
Increasing the advantages of opening up. We will speed up the adjustment of the product structures in the foreign trade, and develop competitive advantages in technology, brand, quality, and service. We will strengthen the construction of bases of foreign trade and the management of the supply chain, and accelerate e-commerce development in the trade across the borders. We will promote the service trade export in areas such as culture, information technology, and traditional Chinese medicine, and greatly develop the inbound tourism. We will make efforts to make the Westlake Expo better and stronger. We will organize enterprises to participate in more than 150 domestic and overseas exhibitions. We will promote the changes from outsourcing services to competition for values. We will stick to the combination of the capital attraction with technology and intellectual attraction, and increase the comprehensive advantages and overall efficiency in the use of foreign investment. We will vigorously attract industries in cultural creativity, financial services, a new generation of information technology, biological medicine and new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection, and intensify the key links of the industrial chain and the attraction of the leading enterprises. By means of equity investment institutions, we will attract businesses and investment in the emerging industries. We will encourage enterprises to set up overseas marketing network and production bases in order to increase the export of products, technologies and services. We will promote the cooperation between private enterprises and leading enterprises worldwide and encourage enterprises to cooperate with state-owned enterprises and undertake overseas engineering projects. We will accelerate the speed that Zhejiang businessmen and Hangzhou businessmen return home to invest. We will deepen regional cooperation and the construction of Hangzhou city circle, and offer targeted assistance and carry out Shanhai Cooperation Program. We will expand the exchanges and cooperation with international friendship cities and promote internationalization level of Hangzhou in an all-round way.
Strengthening the real economy. We will strengthen the fundamental status of the real economy and increase the support for advanced manufacturing industry. We will carry out the “new 36 detailed rules” for non-governmental investment and encourage private enterprises to invest in real economy. We will strengthen the financial support and increase the effective supply of credit. We will reinforce the cultivation of individual businesses and their transformation and upgrading, carry out the policies and measures supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and start the pilot program of replacing sales tax with value-added tax. We will build a number of leading enterprises with assets of hundreds of billions or thousands of billions yuan, encourage the joint development of large and small enterprises. We will promote credit rating and credit supervision in enterprises. We will earnestly do a good job in the third national economic census.

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