II) Take innovation as the driving force and firmly restructure the economy

In accordance with the strategy of “four centers and one base”, we will enhance the supporting and the leading roles of science and technology in development, and strive to achieve the goal that the added value of the top ten industries increases by 2%, as a proportion of GDP.
Focusing on the construction of “Four Centers”, and promoting modern service industry. We will promote global and international tourism, and turn the city into an international tourist destination for leisure and as a landscape resort, and a place for conventions and exhibitions. We will accelerate the construction of a state-level demonstration base for culture and the integration of science and technology, make animation, film and television industry bigger and stronger, and increase 14% of the added value growth rate of cultural creation industry. We will innovate the service pattern of e-commerce, develop mobile e-commerce and make the growth rate of the added value of e-commerce of GDP increase by 1%. We will promote the development and the integration of e-commerce and express delivery businesses, making Hangzhou “a Capital of China's Express Delivery Business”. We will further the clustering and the innovation of financial industry, promote the healthy development of banking, securities, insurance, and trust industries, and advance the rapid development of funds, futures, financial leasing, guarantee industry and financial markets. We will develop modern logistics, scientific and technological services, and software and information services, cultivate new patterns of service industry, promote the clustering function of modern service industry and ensure that the added value of the service industry increases by 0.5%, as a proportion of GDP.
Focusing on establishing high-tech industrial bases. We will promote further integration of the industrialization and information and speed up the industrial interaction development. We will cultivate strategic emerging industries, expand new and high technology industries, promote advantageous industries with special features, and increase the industrial added value rate. We will continue to carry out the technical improvement project "Double Hundred", guide and encourage enterprises to increase the intensity of technological transformation. Centering on the common and key technology, industrial chain integration, collaborative innovation, major technological upgrading and public testing platform, we will focus on supporting major scientific and technological innovation projects. We will support the listed companies and advantageous enterprises in the industry to merge with and reorganize associated upstream and downstream enterprises, R&D institutions and marketing network. We will speed up the construction of Hangzhou Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster and West City Science Innovation Industrial Cluster, promote the transformation of all kinds of industrial parks, cultural parks, and science and technology parks into innovation and development demonstration zones.
Accelerating agricultural modernization. We will create “Three Platforms”, implement “Six Major Projects”, vigorously promote seed and advanced applicable technology, foster the municipal leading enterprises in seed industry, and strive to make both the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology and the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements more than 60%. We will make greater effort to reclaim arable land, accelerate the construction of high-standard farmland and the reclamation of fields of low or middle yield, and increase more than 20000 mu new arable lands. We will plant 2.33 million mu food-crops, with 930000 tons of total grain output. We will set up 100000 mu new grain production function area of all levels, and raise 1% of the self-sufficiency rate of major agricultural products in “Vegetable Basket Project”. We will advance the construction of the municipal modern agricultural complex and the high-tech agricultural demonstration zones. We will actively develop modern seed industry, the facility agriculture, ecological circular agriculture, foster the business entities of modern agriculture, construct a batch of modern agriculture complexes, support the development of agricultural professional cooperatives, enhance the level of agricultural standardization and promote the integration of agriculture and secondary and the tertiary industries. 
Enhancing the vitality of development with innovation as its driving force. We will perfect science and technology innovation system, focus on the establishment of the eight systems in coordination, market, resource integration, finance, public service, the protection of intellectual property rights, talent and policies, promote close relationship between economy and science and technology, and create a strong atmosphere in the whole society supporting innovative development. We will vigorously promote the construction of independent innovation demonstration areas at the provincial level and make policies of achievement transformation, equity incentive, etc. We will cluster services for innovation, establish scientific and technological innovation service platforms, strengthen the service and the radiation functions of the science and technology innovation service centers, and accelerate the construction of the science and technology service centers for small and medium-sized enterprises of the whole country. We will endeavor to establish innovation platforms represented by the Hi-Tech Zone (Binjiang), Qingshan Lake Sci-Tech Town, Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City, Hangzhou Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster, Xixi Valley, etc., and strive to set up a national independent innovation demonstration zone. We will accelerate the construction of a national demonstration city for its combination of the technology and the finance, and extend the radiation of the cultivation base (Hangzhou) who helps the IPO of innovation enterprises. We will put greater efforts into fostering the innovation entities, further carry out “Young Eagles’ Plan”, “Qinglan Plan”, support the development of technology-based small and micro enterprises, and improve the innovation ability of the enterprises. We will continue to hold the final competition of “Innovation in China”. We will speed up the introduction of overseas high-level talents and the cultivation of talents with leadership or creativity, and encourage high-level talents to start their own businesses. We will increase the training of skilled workers. We will improve the innovation industry chain, promote cooperation of universities, industries and research Institutions, and support enterprises to establish research centers and innovation platforms. We will also advance the clustering of innovation resources, increase investment in innovation, striving for the goal that the investment of R&D of the whole society accounts for about 3% of GDP.
Further deepening the reform. We will continue to deepen comprehensive pilot reform at the provincial level. We will deepen the reform of the marketization of resources configuration, establish and improve the system of water rights, emission and carbon emissions trading. We will promote the reform of local financial innovation, take more small-loan companies as pilot companies, and perfect the financial supermarket, credit guarantee alliance, venture service center and other service functions of small and medium-sized enterprise financing platforms. We will speed up the construction of rural comprehensive reform pilot areas, carry out the comprehensive improvement of land, further promote the reform of the rural collective economy property right system, forest right system reform and have pilots for housing land spatial displacement. We will fully implement  rural health service integration, deepen the reform of public hospitals at the county level, carry out the pilot reform of municipal public hospitals, encourage and support social forces to run hospitals. We will deepen the reforms of education and the cultural system, and complete the transformation of the state-owned city art colleges and troupes to enterprises.

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