III) Promoting urban and rural integration by overall planning and interaction

With new urbanization as one of the basic strategies for expanding domestic needs, we will explore the potential of a new round of development through four movement, namely, space optimization, function upgrading, construction of towns and villages and large scale westward movement.
Undertaking the action of optimizing urban space. We will advance the revision of the overall planning of Hangzhou, improve a new round of size-control planning, and  speed up networking development of satellite towns, clusters and new cities. A special plan will be well conducted for green field system, transportation system, the electric grid system, etc. We will strengthen the planning and revision of the key areas such as the west of the city, the north of the city, Jiangdong, Binjiang, Zhijiang, etc, and further the transformation of the east of the city and Wangjiang district. We will put emphasis on the necessary corresponding work and link-up work, and work out a new round of planning involving five counties (cities), the central city, the central village and the areas along the “Three Rivers and Two Banks”. We will greatly advocate “Three Rennovations and One Demolition”, advance the comprehensive arrangement of land and optimize the planning of land for construction. We will also fully exploit the underground space, develop the potential of stock land and expand the land use in urban construction.
Carrying out a plan for upgrading city functions. We will launch a large scale underground construction, and accelerate the project of constructing an extension of Line 1, Xiasha, start the construction of 11 stations in the northwest of Line 2, and accelerate the preliminary work related to the second phase of underground construction. We will complete four constructions, such as the landing in the west of Desheng Expressway, transformation and upgrading in the east of Dengsheng Road, the Binjiang part of Caihong Road, etc. The main and the secondary roads such as Yan’an Road and Yanjiang Street will be renovated or constructed. 12 constructions will be resumed such as the third phase of Qiushi, extension in the south of Fengqing Main Street, the highway of Donghu, the link-up of Jiubao Bridge, Zizhi Tunnel, etc. We will start the construction of the link-up in the west of Jiangdong Bridge in the west, and renovate and transform and upgrade Zhijiang Road, Tiancheng Road and the southern part of Qiutao Road. We will advance the construction of the exposition city for the Olympic games and physical education, Hangzhou international trade city, a new municipal hospital, the second phase of Hangzhou Normal University, the City Star International Tourism Complex. We will speed up the construction of the bus expressway and terminals, and the projects of natural gas, waste incineration, sewage disposal, pipeline network, etc, all of which will ensure the safety of water, gas and power supply. We will strengthen the application of Internet of things and cloud computing etc. in city management to establish an “Intelligent Hangzhou”. The meteorological modernization will be realized. Our abilities to prevent and reduce disasters will be improved. We will develop a complete emergency system to contribute to national defense construction. We will also conduct scientific research on and do some preliminary work regarding Thousand Island Lake diversion.
Constructing central towns (villages). We will construct a regional town system in accordance with the goal of urban and rural integration. Centering on the construction of central towns and villages, we will offer help in five aspects, namely, improving the planning, infrastructure, industry development, public services, and investment promotion to provide more opportunities for the construction of city-level towns or villages and improve policies for the town or village development. In the process, the participation of the large enterprises or big corporations is welcome. We will actively bring industry, population, resources, and public services in the central towns in a cluster, and set up some towns with special features in industry, commerce, and tourism. We will provide the central town with help in infrastructure, high quality public resources, financial resources and city administration, encourage the key universities or hospitals to set up their branches in the central towns so as to greatly upgrade their bearing capacity, radiation and driving force. We will preserve the features of the old town and villages, protecting the historical and cultural villages. We will further the construction of “Beautiful Villages”, and the development of 193 central villages, 8 featured towns, 60 developed villages and excellent itineraries to villages. We will promote the development of the village-level collective economy and continue the work of “Connecting the Towns and Villages”, providing the fund of 0.12 billion yuan.
Implementing all-around westward movement. The movement will be promoted involving transportation, tourism, culture cultivation, science and technology, and talents and modern services. We strive to make 5 counties or cities reach beyond the average of the whole city in the growth of GDP, real estate investment, fiscal revenue and the net income per farmer. We will encourage the headquarter of the enterprise, research centers and the pioneering parks for college students to reside in the 5 counties or cities, and college students are urged to develop themselves in these 5 counties or cities. Science and technology towns will be encouraged, and innovation and development demonstration zones will be accelerated. We will promote the cooperation among counties and regions and the optimization of resource factors between the city and 5 counties. We will further cooperation, pairing up towns and streets for mutual help. By improving “Ten Network”, we will promote the public services in rural areas. We will further develop “Project of Low-Income Farmers Striving to Be Well-off” and project of improving farmers’ qualities, increasing farmers’ net income and income.

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