IV) Improving people’s livelihood and strengthening social development and management

We will give priority to ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, make innovations in social management, improve the basic public service system, and greatly improve the quality of life for urban and rural residents. 
Improving the quality of employment. Attaching equal importance to quantity and quality, we will coordinate re-employment of “Four Groups of People”, and strive to achieve full employment and employment of higher quality. We will strengthen vocational skills training and achieve employment for all-around development and stable employment. We will stimulate employment by encouraging business start-ups and host The Third College Student Entrepreneur Awards. We will carry out the project of  “improving Hangzhou farmers’ qualities”, intensify efforts to train agricultural labor force, rural transferring labor force and back-up labor force. We will carry out the policy on supporting online start-ups and strengthen the incubator management of the unemployed. We will improve the system of public employment services, put the strengths of human resources market to use, and advance the development of human resources information networks.
Improving the social security system. We will stick to expanding the coverage of social security and raising its benefits, improve “2+2” social security system, raise the rate of participating in the basic old-age insurance and medical security for both urban and rural residents, and promote the transformation of social security from the full coverage of system to the full coverage of people. We will step up efforts to raise the rate of insurance for migrant workers, comprehensively carry out reform of medical insurance payment system and gradually achieve the universal coverage of medical insurance payment service for urban residents. We will regularly put in place assistance centers in rural areas and conduct rank evaluation of the centers in the form of food, clothing, medical care, housing, and burial expenses for the five guarantees family (the aged, the infirm, old widows and orphans). We will raise subsistence allowances, improve the policy on aiding needy residents, and effectively solve family problems caused by emergency or serious diseases. 
Promoting the prosperity of public culture. We will accelerate the establishment of a public cultural service system that cover both urban and rural residents and advance projects culturally beneficial to people. We will promote the development of integrated services of public libraries, establish 20 public electronic reading rooms in towns and townships (residential districts), 10 in rural areas (communities), and 20 municipal comprehensive cultural centers of cultural demonstration towns (streets). We will make every effort to put in place 100 municipal cultural demonstration villages (communities); to improve civic cultural cultivation and morality; to advance the development of Municipal Mass Art Center, Intangible Cultural Heritage Center, City Archive Center, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou Art School, etc. 
Developing education to the satisfaction of people. We will comprehensively implement the Plan for Education and boost balanced and high-quality education of all types and at all levels. The construction of standardized kindergartens will be further developed, and the rate of standardized kindergartens will reach more than 60%. We will deepen the development of famous school groups and mutual help communities for urban and rural schools, and make progress in standardizing school conditions of compulsory education. We will make steady progress in reforming senior high school curriculum and speed up the development of infrastructure for vocational education. The standardization and sustainable development of private education will be supported. The connotative development of city universities will be carried forward and a new round of construction of key disciplines implemented. We will vigorously promote internationalization of education. “Sunshine Admissions” will be conducted extensively. The problem of providing education to children of rural migrants working in cities will be properly solved and the system for giving students financial aid will be improved. Special education will be taken an interest in. We ensure that Hangzhou Normal University Cangqian Campus will come into use during the summer vacation. We will accelerate the construction of Qianjiangxincheng Campus Hangzhou Senior High School. 
Carrying forward the construction of a healthy city. All city hospitals will use electronic medical records and interconnect them with residents’ electronic health archives. We will quicken the sanitary coordination between urban and rural areas; deepen the implementation of the projects of national basic and major public health services and fully advance equalization of the basic public health services. We will further establish the health services centers in communities and upgrade the capability of grass-roots level Chinese medical services. We will become more capable of preventing and controlling serious diseases and ensure there will be no major infectious disease outbreak in the whole city. The rate of direct reporting public health emergency and epidemic diseases by above the community-level medical institutions on the Internet will reach 100%. We will strengthen the featured services for family planning and strive to improve qualities of the newly born. We will extensively start national fitness activities and sports and develop competitive sports, mass-oriented sports and sports industry. We will take the lead in constructing a city strong in its sports in Zhejiang Province. 
Upgrading the level of services for the aged. We will establish an appropriate “9064” service system beneficial for all senior citizens. We will improve the facilities for home-based care for the aged in the community and establish a group of comprehensive home-based care and service centers, promote home-based care for the aged in the countryside, and the number of those who enjoy home-based care and service purchased by the government will reach 4.7% in the downtown of the city, with Xiaoshan, Yuhang and 5 counties(cities) reaching 3%. The No. 3 social welfare home will be completed and put into use. Construction of large social welfare institutions will be propelled. We will encourage social forces to involve themselves in the causes of providing services for the aged. Professional aged services will be improved. 70% of the nursing staff for old aged will have valid certification.
Strengthening the housing security. We will implement the housing regulations to ensure a stable and healthy development of the real estate market and make building industry stronger. We will improve our housing security system, and promote the cooperation between rents and subsidies, try to provide the public rental housing to those in need, especially those families whose income are below the average level in the city and the newly graduated college students and those newly self-employed. In the city, another 500 families will be offered subsidies for low rent houses and another 2300 sets of public rental housing will be provided in urban districts at the municipal level.
Perfecting basic necessities supply system. We will develop cooperation channels between food production and marketing, intensify regulation and management over food purchase and sale. We will support private enterprises to improve their emergency processing capacity of rice and accelerate the construction of grain storage centers. We will improve the linkage system for large merchandise providers participating in the “Shopping Basket Program” and strengthen the pilot of tracing meat and vegetables in circulation. We will gradually expand the coverage of "Shopping Basket Program" and direct delivery and sale of agricultural products. The price will continue its regulating function for establishing a stable long-term mechanism which guarantees the steady price of agricultural products. We will complete the food safety and responsibility system and the long-term supervision mechanism, strengthening the safeguard over food and drug safety. We will complete a 3-year program of transforming and upgrading farmers’ market, and create 100 provincial civilized demonstration farmers’ markets.
Deepening the innovation of social management. We will promote the construction of informatization, socialization and legalization of social management. We will perfect the mechanisms to fundamentally resolve the complaints and petitions in the letters and the visits from people, and to assess the stability risk mechanism for major issues, to handle emergency, improve the macro-mediation system based on people's mediation, and pay special attention to resolve social contradictions. We will improve the mechanism of land and house acquisition. We will strengthen the management and cultivation of social organizations, and encourage the development of non-profit public organizations. We will improve the basic-level social service and management system; strengthen community autonomy and promote standard property management in communities. We will perfect the public service facilities in communities, and continue building the rural community. We will develop publicizing village affairs and standardize democratic management to ensure that more than 96% administrative villages will reach the standard. We will deepen the "Six Five" education for popularization of legal knowledge and cultivate people’s legal quality. We will further the construction of "Peaceful Hangzhou". We will perfect three-dimensional public crime prevention and control system, and constantly improve the service and management of outsiders and floating population. We will strengthen the long-term comprehensive governance mechanism for vehicles "illegally operated, illegally on the road". We will strengthen management over taxis and promote the subway emergency response capacity. We will strengthen the basic construction about enterprises’ safe production, and resolutely prevent serious and major accidents. 
Conducting 10 practical work. 
1) Carry forward guaranteed rental housing project. We will start to construct 34753 affordable houses, and 38301 affordable houses have been completed. 30 thousand square meters of economically affordable housing will be sold. We will complete improvement of 22650 rural houses and renovation of 1500 dangerous houses of rural families in difficulties. 
2) Improving traffic environment. We will achieve three goals of “connecting tunnels, completing track laying and supplying electricity for subway operations” in the southeast section of Metro Line 2. We will stress the priority and the high-quality services of bus; improve the rate of bus trip share by having more than 10 bus lines. More than 300 buses will be put into use or renovated. 10000 public berths will be established.
3) Promote living environment in communities. We will renovate 60 public toilets; remove 1000 “dark regions” with less lighting in 20 old communities. 15000 households will be newly involved in “One Water Meter per Household” program and 50000 households will be added to those who use pipeline gas ignition. We will upgrade 80 urban farmers’ markets.
4) Improve water in city canals. We will complete 300 urban projects, with the amount of intercepted pollution increasing by 30000 tons per day, dispel 30 rivers with black-odor in urban areas and put in place 5 ecological demonstration rivers.  
5) Greater efforts will be made to promote the service for the aged and preschool education. The number of the newly increased beds in nursing homes will add up to 7000. 100 kindergartens will be under construction, renovation or extension, 60 of which will be completed. The high-quality rate of pre-school education will reach 74%. Information service platform for “Digital Services for the Aged” in Hangzhou will be established. Hotline services will basically cover the elder living alone and empty nesters over 70 years old in the main urban areas. 
6) Enlarge the coverage of grass-roots recreational and sports activities. The times that digital films played in rural areas will come to more than 24000. The rate of registration of cable television in rural areas will reach more than 95%. More than 20 public sports facilities, such as gyms, parks and squares, will be newly built. The number of rural cultural (civilized) auditoriums, either newly built or renovated, will amount to more than 100. 
7) Promote intelligent medical treatment and health emergency training. Patients who go to the municipal public hospitals and all the First People’s Hospitals at the county (city) level will be able to pay their medical fee at the doctor’s consulting room with their citizen cards. 45000 person-time emergency training has been completed.
8) Work will be carried out to comprehensively prevent and deal with air pollution. The work to deal with denitration of 26 boilers in 6 key thermal power plants will be completed, with a reduction of nitrogen oxide emission by 1100 tons. The newly increased volume of urban green land will reach 3 million cubic meters.
9) Cultivate e-commerce in rural areas. We will integrate 100 agricultural e-commerce websites and rural online stores and set up 3 to 5 e-commerce featured villages and 10 agricultural e-commerce demonstration enterprises. 
10) Warning information of serious meteorological disasters will be sent through TV and mobile in a straight way. Warning information of serious meteorological disasters will be issued through digital TV in 20 minutes and will be texted in 20 minutes within 1 to 3 villages and towns. 

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