V) Protecting the Environment and Making Hangzhou a Beautiful City

We will increase the awareness of foresight, innovation and system, and strive to solve the environmental problems which the masses strongly respond to. We will promote the green, low-carbon and ecological development of the city.
Promoting energy conservation and exhaust reduction. We will deepen the National Comprehensive Demonstration Pilot for Fiscal Policy on Energy Conservation and Exhaust Reduction, implement a dual control management both on the energy consumption per unit of GDP and the total energy consumption and complete the obligatory target set forth by our country and our province. We will propel enterprises’ technical reconstruction measures of energy saving and consumption reducing, strengthen the construction of key projects for energy conservation and exhaust reduction, focus on the implementation of the ten energy-efficiency projects and the denitrification of 13 cement clinker enterprises, mid-level power generation companies, and the Xiaoshan power plant. We will comprehensively promote the construction of green (low carbon) architecture and low carbon transportation system. We will resolutely implement the environmental access system, the “Trinity” of space, amount and project; lay strict control on new projects with great energy-consumption and high pollution, and projects using too many resources. We will renovate and upgrade the electroplating, printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical and other industries, shutting down more than 100 papermaking enterprises.
Developing circular economy. We will lay equal stress on resources development and conservation, focusing on the popularization and application of low-carbon technologies and improving the comprehensive utilization of energy and resources. We will start a new round of "770" cyclical economy project, develop industrial and agricultural demonstration enterprises for circular economy and low carbon development pattern, and finish more than 50 major projects on circular economy. We will adjust the energy consumption structure, actively develop clean energy and renewable energy, speed up the introduction of clean energy and corresponding engineering construction, and expand coverage and utilization of natural gas. We will promote cleaner production, supervise and regulate the production of some major energy and water consuming enterprises and polluting enterprises. We will promote the industrialization of renewable resources. We will improve the comprehensive utilization of industrial, agricultural, construction waste and electronic waste. We will accelerate the construction of the city’s second solid waste center, resulting in an increase of city's total comprehensive utilization of solid waste to 35 million tons.
Strengthening environmental regulation. We will perfect the environmental monitoring system and the construction and application of "intelligent green” system. We will continue monitoring and releasing PM2.5 numbers. We will deepen the special weather rectification program to deal with the ash haze weather and keep days with superior or good air annually beyond the standard of National Environmental Protection Model City. We will step up the update of buses that are below the National II standard, and strengthen the governance over vehicle emissions and industrial waste gas. We will start a new round of regional environmental regulation in Banshan district and North Bridge area by carrying out regulation pilot projects in chemical industry and volatile organic compounds in printing industry. We will take measures to promote the shift from coal to gas in heat-engine power plants and thermal power plants. We will strive to make the main urban area free of fire coal. We will concentrate on the comprehensive regulation and management on drinkable water sources of Qiantang River and Tiaoxi. We will promote the water quality of Thousand Islands Lake and carry out comprehensive protection project for Qingshan Lake. We will deepen small watershed management. We will comprehensively promote the protection of urban river harness and the 3-year water quality improvement action plan in urban rivers. We will upgrade and reconstruct the solid waste disposal center and sewage treatment plants. We will promote in depth garbage sorting and cleaning and direct shipment, and promote the harmless treatment of municipal waste. We will step up to build pipe net of waste water treatment in countryside and increase efforts to control the agricultural Non-Point source pollution.
Protecting the ecology. We will build "six ecological zones" and promote the protection and construction of landscapes like "Three Rivers and Two Banks" and Dajiangdong wetland. We will continue the comprehensive protection projects of West Lake, Xixi wetland and urban river courses. We will carry forward the application for world heritage for the Grand Canal, Liangzhu Culture, Southern Song Dynasty Imperial City Grand Relics, and strengthen the ecological protection of nature reserves like Tianmu Lake and Qingliangfeng. We will enhance the gardening, afforestation and urban forest building level. We will deepen the stereoscopic greening. We will add  36,000 acres of afforestation in plain areas and 130,000 acres of afforestation. We will finish constructing 459 kilometers and 5739 acres of forest corridors, focusing on greening, beautifying and cleansing the curb of high ways, railways, rivers and side hills. We will improve the mechanism of ecological compensation. We will start to establish provincial ecological city, and pay special attention to the establishment of state-level ecological region (city).

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