VI) Doing the Actual Work, Constructing a Government That Satisfies the People

Acting on the requirement of “for the people, down-to-earth, probity”, we will quicken the step of the transformation of the government’s function, strengthen the comprehensive evaluation and performance management of the government, incessantly improve the credibility and execution ability of the government, and strive to build a government which is service-oriented, efficient, law-governed, and free from corruption.
Exercising government administration in accordance with the law. We will strengthen the ideology of governing in accordance with the law, improve the government legislation working mechanism, and improve the level of administration in accordance with the law. We will offer to have legal oversight and work oversight from the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and democratic oversight from the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, as well as oversight from the people and through public opinion. We will tighten auditing oversight. We will ensure that strict administrative decision-making procedures are followed, further open decision-making, and improve the level of decision-making in a scientific and democratic way.    
Promoting the speedup of government examination and approval. We will deepen the reform of the system concerning matters subject to government examination and approval, reduce the items that need to be examined and approved, simplify the procedures of examination and approval, increase the use of online examination and approval, deepen the practice of joint examination and approval, vigorously experiment the standardization of opinions of examination and approval from departments, and improve the working efficiency. We will continue to increase the experimental units which practice “pre-examination and pre-approval”, make sure the technical acts by the agencies follow strict procedures, and try to set up a system of “project joint inspection”.  
Emphasizing service efficiency. We will improve the government service functions, and improve the government service efficiency through innovative service. We will stress the innovation of department working mechanism, the integration of service platforms, and advance the construction of inter-department comprehensive background service platform. We will speed up the construction of Hangzhou Administrative Cloud, improve online information service and the service platform for the public, and complete the functions of the service (convenience) center at four government levels, namely, at the municipal level, at the county level, at the town level and at the village level.
Focusing on Coordination and Tackling Difficulties. We will strengthen the construction of the workforce in civil service, and improve our ability and level of solving problems about social and economic development. We will make overall coordination, strengthen our enhanced force, try all means to solve the difficult problems that people are most concerned with, and help the enterprises to solve the actual problems with all our efforts.  
Practising thriftiness and self-discipline. We will earnestly carry out the rules by the Central Committee, provincial government and municipal government which are related with improving working style and keeping close contact with the masses. We will emphasize the management and transparency of fiscal budget, strictly control the administrative expenses. In principal, the special funds of the departments at the municipal level will be cut by 10%. 
Stressing supervision and accountability. We will strengthen administrative supervision and accountability, and conduct thorough investigations into cases of disregarding party’s policies, perfunctory deeds, laziness and luxury. We will rigorously implement the system of accountability for improving conduct and upholding integrity, explore a new anti-corruption mechanism with system and science and technology, rectify the unhealthy tendency of damaging the interests of the masses, and seriously investigate and punish the cases that are violating disciplines and laws.    
All the representatives! Hangzhou is at the critical period when we will be among the first few to establish a well-off society in an all-round way. Facing new goals and tasks, we feel the responsibility heavy and the task glorious. Let us rally closely around the Party Central Committee led by Xi Jinping, the General Secretary, unite together, go all out and make Hangzhou into a happy and harmonious city with oriental quality under the leadership of Communist Party of China Hanghzhou Municipal Committee.

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