I) Stable and Healthy Economic Growth

The effective investment has been increasing continuously. Increased by 20.1%, the fixed asset investment of the city reached 372.275 billion yuan, with an obvious increase in its contribution to economic growth. The municipal government has adopted measures to optimize the investment structure and fasten the construction of major infrastructure in transportation, energy, electric power, water utilities, information, etc; to guide the financial institutions to serve the real economy; to support the investment of private capitals in ten major industries, infrastructure, social causes, etc. At present, the number of new private enterprises with more than ten million registered capitals is 1202 and the contribution of private investment to economic growth reaches 54.1%. The government also supports enterprises to enlarge direct financing by taking their enterprises to public and issuing bonds and the number of the newly listed enterprises arrives at 6. The government gives effort to safeguard the land use for development as well. The newly increased construction land is 37,165 mu and 53,085 mu land has been rechecked either because the land was granted but not supplied or because it was supplied but not used. More investment has been given to infrastructure construction in national or provincial development zones and other industries agglomeration areas. For example, the key planning regions in Hangzhou Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster and High-tech Venture Cluster Park in the west of Hangzhou has completed 6.817 billion yuan in infrastructure investment and 26.511 billion yuan in industry project investment.  
Social consumption has been increasing steadily. The total retail sales of consumer goods of Hangzhou reached 294.463 billion yuan, an increase of 15.5 percent. The municipal government has carried forward 100 major projects such as “A Shopping Paradise and Culinary Capital” in an orderly fashion, accelerated excellent projects such as “the West Lake Commercial Circles”, “Wulin Square Complex” and “Hangzhou International Trade City”, and put into operation streets of special features such as “Beishan Night” and “Xitanghe Taiwan Food Street”. The government has also successfully held the 14th West Lake Expo and the 8th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, carried out activities such as “Cars, Electric Household Appliances and Building Materials to the Countryside”, gradually promoted new ways of consumption such as cultural leisure, domestic pension and online shopping, and speeded up the development of small standardized rural supermarkets.
Speed up the transformation of open economy. The municipal government has intensified its efforts in attracting foreign investment and optimized the industrial structure. The realized foreign investment reached $4.961 billion and the realized domestic investment 77.869 billion yuan. Twelve Fortune Global 500 investment projects and 138 projects with more than $30 million total investment have been attracted and introduced. With the implementation of Zhejiang Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial innovation strategy, the return money has reached 41.886 billion yuan and the return projects with 0.5 billion yuan of attracted investment come to 29. With the strategic cooperation with central enterprises, investment by central enterprises of 6.079 billion yuan has been attracted, increased by 65 percent. The foreign trade has maintained overall stable development with $34.805 billion total export, an increase of 1.1 percent. Service outsourcing has increased 45.9 percent and the overseas investment has continued to expand. The 6th China--Latin American Entrepreneurs Summit, 2012 Summit of Mayors of International Sister Cities, and the 4th China International Service Outsourcing Trade Fair have been successfully held. The construction of Hangzhou City Circle has been speeded up.

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