III) Continual Promotion of City Functions

Construction of Infrastructure has made a breakthrough. The subway line 1 has been completed and put into use and the main structure of 13 stations of the southeast section of the subway line 2 has been completed. The terminals of Xiaoshan International Airport and a second runway has been completed and put into use. HangNing High-Speed Rail, the East Rail Station hub have almost completed. Hangzhou section of Hang-Chang highway and Zhijiang Bridge have been completed. The projects of constructing Lin-Jin highway, Qian-Huang highway and the double tracking west-ring expressway have been further promoted. This year has been a crucial year for road construction in the urban areas and has witnessed great achievement such as the completion and the opening of the main part of the second phase of Qiushi overhead highway and Jiubao Bridge, the renovation and promotion of the south extension of Fengqing Avenue, the speedup of the comprehensive regulation of Yan’an Road, and the start of constructing Zizhi Channel and the third phase of Qiushi Highway. Projects such as Qianjiang channels, double-channel canal, Dajiangdong East Channel, the expansion of Fuchunjiang lock renovation have been actively promoted. Key water conservancy projects such as Xianlin reservoir and Sanbao drainage have been proceeding smoothly.
Continuously promote the city’s comprehensive service function. Everything goes smoothly with the construction of urban complexes, such as Xixi Paradise, A New World for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Walk of Fame Phase II, etc. Xixi hospital has come into use and Binjiang and Xiasha hospitals have been built. The main project of Hangzhou Normal University Cangqian Campus Phase I has been completed. The construction of Olympic Sports Expo Center has been forged ahead steadily. 52,000 new parking berths have been constructed in the central downtown, 8700 of which are parking berths for the public. The construction of comprehensive protection projects such as the urban river protection has speeded up, the realignment of 12 rivers has been completed and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Hangzhou area has been rated as 4A. The digital urban management network has covered 351 square kilometers. Hangzhou has been upgrading its level of tidiness, greening, lighting, and order and the transportation between satellite towns, clusters and the central downtown has been gradually improved.

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