IV) Striking Effects of Overall Urban and Rural Development

Deepen the cooperation of districts and counties. Hangzhou has carried out 293 cooperation projects among districts and counties and cooperation funds amounts to 0.325 billion yuan. 139 industry westward projects have been carried out and the total investment has reached 45.54 billion yuan. The cooperation of districts and counties has extended to the villages and towns and more than 75% urban communities have been paired up with the administrative villages from five counties (cities), with 0.13 billion yuan of counterparts supporting funds for “Linking the Counties and Villages” in place. Large enterprises and big corporations have been involved in 30 construction projects for central towns and the total investment is 10.36 billion yuan. 173 low-income farmers’ industrial development projects have been carried out. The “Double Hundred Project of Talents in Urban and Rural Areas” has been launched and the second round of planning on volunteer experts serving the new rural has started. 
Make solid progress in the construction of towns and villages. The pilot work of cultivating four small cities at the provincial level has speeded up, the second batch of 8 featured towns at the municipal level has been launched in good order, and the work of establishing 26 central towns has been strengthened. The golden travel routes along the Three Rivers (Qiantang River, Fuchun River and Xin’an River) and Two Banks have been constructed by renovating 21 villages and towns, constructing 62 beautiful countryside and 339 key villages. Greater efforts have been made to foster 193 central villages and construct 17 fine routes with beautiful villages. 43579 rural houses have been improved and 2799 dangerous houses of rural families in difficulties have been renovated. 7381 people have transformed from mountainous areas and 115.2 thousand farmers have received training. 200 kilometers of roads in rural areas have been covered with networking, 40 dangerous and weak reservoirs have been strengthened and danger has been eliminated, 384.2 kilometers of rural rivers have been regulated comprehensively. The new rural electrification city has gained acceptance.  
The strength of the five counties (cities) has been further enhanced. The increase level of the GDP, the industrial sales value of the industrial enterprises above designated size and the total retail sales of consumer goods in the five counties (cities) is 0.1%, 3.5% and 1.8% higher than the corresponding average increase level of Hangzhou, respectively. The co-construction of 10 industrial clustering platforms by the main city and the five counties (cities) has been accelerated. With the national development area as its main platform, Fuyang has speeded up the construction of a city strong in its industries. Lin’an has actively furthered the construction of Qingshan Lake Sci-Tech Town, and made great efforts to construct a modern ecological city. Sticking to the ideas of “strengthening the city with its industries, prospering the city with its service industry and constructing the city with good ecological environment”, Jiande has strengthened its real economy. Tonglu county has successfully made itself into a national garden city and its Fuchun River Science and Technology City and Yingchun business districts have led the innovation and development. Chun’an county has implemented the strategy of making the whole county into a scenic spot, taking solid steps in “prospering the county with its lakes”.

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