VI) People’s Livelihood Being Improved Continuously and the Social Management Being Strengthened

The strategy of taking people’s livelihood as the priority has been carried out further. More than two thirds of the newly increased public financial resources have been used for the livelihood of people, the Eight Security Systems have been gradually improved and ten practical tasks have been completed.
Employment and Entrepreneurship have been further advanced. The newly increased employment has reached 243.6 thousand in urban areas and towns of the whole city and the reemployment of lay-off workers 132.9 thousand. Entrepreneurship Academy for Hangzhou college students has been set up, taking the lead in the country in cultivating outstanding entrepreneurs. Aiding and supporting college students who start up a business have been greatly encouraged. 60247 college students have received training and the number of businesses newly established by college students has come to 1217. There are 127 newly established “Gazelle” enterprises, 129 newly established “Qinglan” enterprises and 278 “Eyas” enterprises. With all these efforts, Hangzhou has successfully become a national model city of entrepreneurship.
Social security system has been further improved. The Proportion of Basic Old-age Insurance Premiums of people in different departments, organizations or enterprises has been unified in the whole city. Pension for retirees of enterprises and urban and rural residents’ basic pension have been increased and people receiving unemployment insurance compensation have been promoted to have basic medical insurance. The coverage of urban and rural residents’ old-age pension and medical insurance has come to 91.9% and 97.7%, respectively. In the main urban areas, free physical examination has covered all individuals who have medical insurance. The standard for low income household has increased to 6000 yuan net income per capita for farmers. “Spring Wind” Action has been continuing, the needy have been paired up to receive help, and 28538.9 thousand yuan rescue money have been distributed to the needy family. Efforts have been made to do well on giving special comfort and preferential treatment to soldiers’ family and to the family of a martyred soldier.
Public cultural service has been further optimized. The development of culture-related facilities for public use has been strengthened. 26 gyms, squares and parks have been newly built, 30 public e-reading rooms have been built at villages and towns, 25 demonstration culture centers for multi-uses at villages and towns (streets) and 128 cultural demonstration villages (communities) have been built, and “Farmers’ Bookstores” have been in all administrative villages. Hangzhou has won the titles of the national copyright demonstration city and the national digital publishing industry base, and the fourth Innovation Award from Ministry of Culture. Mass-oriented cultural activities and national fitness activities and sports have been prosperously undertaken. Hangzhou athletes have achieved significant success in London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.
Education development level has been further raised. Masters and Famous Principals Project has been implemented, a new round of teachers’ professional development training has been launched and the experiences of “Sunshine Admissions” have been promoted nationwide. 103 kindergartens have been under construction, renovation or extension, 67 of which have been completed. The high-quality rate of pre-school education and secondary education has reached 72.6% and 82.7%, respectively. 99.6% graduates from junior middle schools have been admitted to all kinds of high schools. New breakthroughs in vocational education have been made in carrying out trial reform of school-enterprise cooperation and 8 vocational schools have been newly added to the list of the national and the provincial demonstration schools for their secondary vocational education reform and development. 221.6 thousand children of migrant workers in cities have been enrolled in schools for their compulsive education. 3240 thousand people-times have received financial aid, which adds up to 0.66 billion yuan.
The basic medical and health care has been further improved. The construction of a “Healthy Hangzhou” has been carried forward. More than 85% permanent residents have had an electronic health record.  City hospitals have adopted several measures such as using electronic medical records, making an appointment to receive diagnosis and treatment and advocating intelligent medical billing with a citizen card. 77% farmers over 60 years old participating new rural cooperative medical care system have taken physical examination. The family planning service system has been improved and the healthy birth rate of free pregnancy check is 98.7%. Drug safety demonstration counties, villages and towns have been established, and drug regulatory network and drug supply network have covered all administrative villages. The aim of food safety regulation work has been completely achieved and food safety work has been strengthened.
The level of the service for the aged has been further improved. Accumulatively, 2167 home-based care service stations for the aged, 913 canteens for the aged and 174 home-based care service centers funded by rural public welfare fund have been established, respectively. The number of the newly increased beds in nursing homes adds up to 7994, 3371 of which are offered by social nursing institutions for the aged. “Digital Services for the Aged” have been promoted in an orderly fashion.
Supply of affordable houses has been further enhanced. Guaranteed rural rental housing project has started and 43095 apartments are under construction, 35144 have been completed. 431 thousand square meters of economically affordable housing have been sold. 1169 families have been newly entitled to enjoy subsidies for low rental apartments. Cities at the corresponding level has offered 2161 public rental apartments.
Supply of vegetables and rice has been further enhanced because of the implementation of “Shopping Basket Program” and “Rice Bag Program”. The regulation and control measures have been improved, the circulation expenses have been decreased, and the market price maintains stable. Total grain reserves are 408.6 thousand tons and the number of emergency food supply networks is 296. The rate of vegetables supplied by local farmers is 54.5% at the main urban areas. The traceability system of meet and vegetable circulation has been basically built. 31 communities have carried out “Shopping Basket Program”, i.e. vegetables directly delivered to communities. The coverage of people enjoying food subsidies has been enlarged and food subsidies amounts to 0.664 billion yuan. 
Social management has been reinforced. The development of “Grid Groups” has been furthered. The whole city is divided into 11711 grids. Grassroots social service management platforms have been established. Hangzhou has won the title of the Safest City of China because of its effort in actively establishing the social prevention and control system, promoting communities with “zero crime” and communities leading in preventing cases from happening, and establishing safe and harmonious pilot communities. The service and the management of floating population and “Two New organizations”, namely, New Economic Organizations and New Social Organizations, have been improved and migrant workers blend themselves in the communities more quickly. A variety of charity activities have been held by involving non-governmental charities in this respect. The national community management and service innovation experimental zones have been developed and 519 community service centers at the village level have been built. The rate of enterprises having a collective negotiation system on wages has been increased, the mediation model has been promoted to allow judicial intervention in labor dispute cases ahead of time, and the harmonious labor relationship index has ranked the first in the province for two consecutive years. The front-hit of typhoon “Haikui” has been overcome. The number of production accidents, fatality and the amounts of direct corresponding economic losses has been in negative growth for nine consecutive years. “The most beautiful” phenomena and people have been constantly emerging and the social civilization degree has been constantly enhanced.

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