VII) Ecological Environment Being Continuously Improved

Effect of energy conservation and exhaust reduction has appeared. Target responsibility system has been established to control both energy consumption intensity and total energy consumption, the construction of a comprehensive demonstration city of the national fiscal policy of energy conservation and exhaust reduction has been promoted, and the energy consumption per unit of GDP of the whole city has decreased about 6.5%. Project of energy saving products and benefiting the masses has been carried out to push forward energy saving in all the fields of society and enhance the efficiency of energy use. The demonstration and promotion project of “Ten Thousand LED Lights in Ten Cities” and the demonstration pilot work of “Ten Cities One Thousand Vehicles” have been further advanced. The use of new energies such as solar photovoltaic has been promoted. The establishment of marketable pollution permits system has been carried forward and 65 enterprises successfully traded their pollution permits and 300 enterprises with backward productivity have been eliminated. 
Ecological construction has made solid progress. Three provincial industrial circulation economy demonstration parks have been constructed and 40 demonstration enterprises have been set up. Ecological protection and environmental remediation & recovery along the Three Rivers and Two Banks have been further advanced by building 86.8 kilometers greenways along the three rivers, closing cumulatively 476 enterprises that cause pollution and banning 87 gravel docks. The newly increased volume of standing timber reaches 1.80 million cubic meters and the coverage of forest comes to 64.77%. In the main urban areas, 85% communities have put garbage classification into use. Eight urban areas and Fuyang have passed the new round of recheck for national model city for environment protection. Chun’an county and the Westlake district have passed the acceptance check as national ecological county (district) and the Thousand-Island Lake has been successfully listed in the national pilot place for its good ecological environment protection.
The environment has been continuously improved. Drinking water source protection zones have been established and the project of safe drinking water in rural areas has been carried out. The pilot work of ecological management and water environment improvement has started and water in 45 city canals has met the five standards of the national groundwater quality. The work to deal with air pollution and haze has been strengthened and work has been carried out to prevent and deal with the industrial waste gas and volatile organic pollutants, vehicle emission pollution and construct dust pollution at construction sites. PM2.5 monitoring data have been published in real time. According to the data, there are 336 days that ambient air meets the criteria of good or excellent in urban areas the whole year, accounting for 91.8%.

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