VIII) The Self-Construction of Government Being Further Strengthened

The legal system construction has been accelerated. The government has strengthened its legislation and promoted the construction of a democratic legal system. It has also adhered to administration according to the law, actively established demonstration units who carry out administrative work according to the law, and perfected the Working Regulations of Hangzhou People’s Municipal Government. The government has piloted the standard exercises of administrative discretion. The processing of suggestions and proposals has been strengthened and the satisfaction rate of the processing of the suggestions from representatives of people and proposals from members of the CPPPC (the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) is 99.7% and 99.5% respectively.
The administrative efficiency has been gradually improved. The reform of administrative examination and approval system has been deepened, and the government has canceled administrative examination and approval or devolved the power in 69 cases, promoted the integration of the examination and the approval functions, implemented the chief representative system of administrative examination and approval, and put on a trial basis the system of “form examination”. The government has also promoted “management separating from government regulations” in project trading and government procurement.
The government has paid much attention to the real effect in public services. It has established a sound 4-level administrative service system (for the convenience of people), promoted the construction of standardized grassroots stations (service windows), carried out activities of “visiting tours into villages and enterprises, offering services at the grassroots level”, and solved more than 47,000 problems involving agriculture and enterprises. Through various channels, the government has helped enterprises of micro, small and medium sizes to ease their financing problems. It has also implemented structural tax cuts and fee canceling, and canceled, suspended or reduced administrative fees of 396 items.
The government has promoted sustained and in-depth development in upholding integrity system. It has strengthened the audit supervision and implemented the responsibility system for upholding integrity. The government has strengthened its supervision of state-owned enterprises and projects invested by the government. Prominent problems in engineering construction have been dealt with and 334 projects invested by the government have been examined. 443 projects to be evaluated whether they have met the standards for commendation have been cut out, which saves 465 million yuan of the financial funding. The “digital surveillance” has been perfected to carry on an online real-time monitoring over the exercise of power in 14 fields.
The government has strengthened work in national defense, militia reserve and civil air defense, and deepened the co-construction activities to support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of the army man and martyrs and to support the government and cherish the people. The government has further strengthened the work in modern meteorology, disaster prevention and mitigation, archives, secrecy, statistics, compiling, foreign affairs, Taiwanese affairs, ethnic and religion, administrative affairs and local chronicles and supported the work of Federation of Trade Unions, Communist Youth League, Women’s Federation, Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Science and Technology Association, Federation of Social Sciences, Association of Industry & Commerce, and Disabled People’s Federation. It has also ensured a healthy development of the work of the Red Cross, the patriotic sanitation campaign, the work concerning the next generation and the aging problem, and philanthropy.
Delegates, all the achievements in the past year have not come easily. They are the results of unremitting efforts of the whole city united as one working tenaciously. On behalf of the municipal government, I hereby extend my sincere appreciation to all the people in the city, the democratic parties and people’s organizations, army forces in Hangzhou, police officers, and people from all walks of life!
At the time when we are acknowledging our achievements, we should also understand that there is no fundamental change in the quality of our economic development and structural contradiction still exists; greater pressure is awaiting us if we expect to have sustained growth, transformation and upgrading, and harmonious development; The restriction of economic structure, resources and environmental capacity is increasing; there is certain disparity between people’s demands and expectation and what they really have in the services of urban traffic, environmental protection and other public services; Government work remains to be further improved. Because of the dual impact of the international and domestic economic situations and the economic structural problems, the indexes in the regional GDP, fiscal revenue and foreign trade export fail to reach the expected goals. We should attach great importance to these problems, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, and take effective measures to solve the problems.

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