2012 Hangzhou Municipal Government Work Report

(I) Retrospect on the Government Work of 2011

In view of the complicated international and domestic situations as well as the challenging work tasks in 2011, the city took scientific development as the main theme and focus on adjusting the economic structures. Efforts were put in to enrich people and increase the city’s competitiveness and social harmony. The targets set in the sixth session of the city’s 11th People’s Congress have been achieved, which kicked off a good start for the city’s twelfth five-year plan.

The city’s GDP reached 701.18 billion RMB in 2011, a year-over-year (YoY) increase of 10.1%. Total fiscal revenue amounted to 148.892 billion RMB, an increase of 19.6% YoY, among which total local financial revenue reached 78.515 billion RMB, up 17% YoY. Annual disposable income per capita for urban residents amounted to 34,065 RMB and net income per capita for rural residents was 15,245 RMB, respectively up by 13.4% and 15.6% YoY. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 4.8%. Unemployment rate stood at 1.86% and 252,700 thousand new job positions were created. Natural population growth rate is 4.64‰.

(i) Steady and fast economic growth

(ii) Industrial structure further optimized

(iii) Achievements on balanced urban-rural development

(iv) New achievements on environmental protection

(v) City’s reform & open-up policy deepens; new businesses and innovations focus on more field frontiers

(iv) Social construction and social administration

(vii) Investment in improvement of people’s livelihood

(viii) Governmental administration reform

(II) City’s General Development in 2007-2011 and Outlook on 2012-2016

The five-year term of this government witnessed the city most uncommon half decade as well as its strenuous effort to build a “city of quality life”, which has laid a solid foundation for the city’s development in the next five years.

(i) Review for 2007-2011

(ii) Guiding principles for next five years

(iii) Main development targets for 2012-2016

(III) Work focus for 2012

This year is important for the city’s achieving its 12th five-year plan. Major work targets for 2012 include: GDP up by approximately 10%; social retail sales up 18%; fixed asset investment up 14%; total imports & exports up 12%; fiscal revenue up 12%; annual disposable income per capita for urban residents up 11%; net income per capita for rural residents up 12% annually; energy consumption per given unit of GDP down over 4.1%; carbon dioxide and major pollutant emission cutting achieve targets; CPI around 4%; 180,000 jobs created; unemployment rate will remain below 4% and natural population growth rate below 5‰.

consistently adhere to the scientific development as the main theme and focus on adjusting the economic structures. Efforts will be put in to enrich the people and increase the city’s competitiveness and social harmony. Steady growth and ambitious expansion being the main principle, the city will aim to control the CPI, adjust the industrial structures, seek well-being for the residents, deepen reform and achieve social harmony, emphasizing balanced and sustainable economic development. Moreover, the city needs to increase its risk prevention and control capacity.

(i) Expansion of investment, bolstering of consumption and steady exports to maintain fast economic development

The city will actively enlarge the domestic demand and exports with optimal industrial structures and improved efficiency.

(ii) Constructing “One Base and Four Centers” and upgrading industrial structure

The implementation of the city’s industry-driven development strategy will accelerate the establishing of its modern industrial system featuring ten major sectors.

(iii) Urban-rural district planning oriented by new-style urbanization

The city will promote the integration of urban and rural areas and establish such exemplary areas.

(iv) Deeper reform to energize development

The city will seek economic expansion through innovation. By virtue of supporting reforms, technological innovation, talent cultivation innovation and system innovation will be promoted in an effort to build the independent innovation mechanism.

(v) Cultural construction set innovative social management in motion

The overall implementation of cultural guidance strategy and building of law governing exemplary zone will better establish Hangzhou as a famous city with deep cultures, innovative social management and harmonious society.

(vi) Better work in energy saving and emission reduction to protect ecological environment

Emphasizing environmental protection, the city aims to become a national ecological civilization construction exemplary city and low carbon exemplary city.

(vii) Better basic public service system; improved social security and well-being

The city will prioritize the well-being of citizens and ensure that over two thirds of its newly-increased fiscal revenue will be used to improve people’s well-being. The income of urban and rural people’s income will keep pace with the economic growth. Residents will enjoy equal basic public services and a livable exemplary area will be built.

(IV) Building a Satisfactory Government

We need to stick to the principles of people first and exercising power for people. Being pragmatic, efficient, honest, close to people and upright are the general requirements on functionaries to cope with complicated situations and promote scientific development. The city will strive to improve its services to make its organized, efficient, open and transparent, above all satisfactory.

(i) Building organized and law-based government

(ii) Building open, impartial and credible government

(iii) Building pragmatic and responsible government

(iv) Building efficient service-oriented government

(v) Building industrious and clean government

(vi) Building high-quality civil servant team

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