2009 Hangzhou Municipal Government Work Report

The Retrospect on the Government Work of 2008

Hangzhou’s GDP reached 478.116 billion RMB, an increase of 11 percent in 2008. Divided by the residents with Hangzhou hukou, the GDP per capita exceeds $10,000 dollars. The ratio of the economic contribution by the three industries is 3.7:50.0:46.3. The total government revenue amounts to 91.055 billion RMB, an increase of 15.5%  and the local government revenue reaches 45.535 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 16.3%. The total fixed asset investment is 196,172 billion RMB, an increase of 16.5%. The total volume of consumption of retail goods is 155,838, an increase of 20.2%. The research and development investment takes up 2.6% of the GDP. Urban per capita annual disposable income reached 24,104 RMB, an increase of 11.1%, and rural per capita net income reached 10,692 RMB, up by 12%. The Consumer Price Index climbs by 4.9%, which is lower than the national and provincial average level. The energy consumption for every ten thousand RMB of GDP drops by 4.6%. The Chemical Oxygen Demand and sulfur dioxide discharge decrease by 3.7% and more than 3.7%. The unemployment rate drops to 3.02% and 201.1 thousand new job positions are created. The natural population growth rate is 2.77‰.

1. Balancing urban and rural development & Push forward the new countryside building

2. The two-wheel driven strategy accelerating the upgrade of economic structures

3. Foreign commercial cooperation expanded and economy further opened up

4. City Development Organically Upgraded and Urbanization Accelerated

5. Social development further improve the soft strength

6. Public welfare further improved and people life quality upgraded

7. Management Innovation and People-oriented Government Construction

2009 Hangzhou Municipal Government Work Plan

1. Focusing on domestic demand by increasing investment and promoting consumption

2. “3+ 1” Modern Industrial System as focus and promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading

3. Integration and balance of urban and suburban development

4. Sticking to reform and opening-up policy; innovating political and economic systems

5. To build a most livable city and improve the ecological environment

6. Equal rights in sharing the public service

7. Practical policies for civil welfare

8. Safe Hangzhou and social stability

Government Improvement

1. To further study and practice the scientific development theory in order to improve capability to counter complicated issues

2. Innovative political decisions promote the transparent and open decisions

3. Shifting the governments' roles and work more effectively

4. Economic prediction and alert system and guarding against the perils

5. Clean and practical government for the people 

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