Development Strategies

The city will take scientific development as the main theme and focus on adjusting the economic structures. Efforts will be put in to enrich people and increase the city’s competitiveness and social harmony. The urban-rural integration and internationalization strategy being the major means, the city will prioritize the well-being of citizens, emphasize the environmental protection, strengthen its innovative power, support its real economies, boost its cultural industries and uphold its open-up policy.

The urban-rural integration and internationalization mark high-level of urbanization, which also sets path for and facilitates the sustainable development. The two tasks must be embodied in every respect of the city’s social and economic development to subsequently optimize the allocation of production factors, invigorate the economic development, expand the development space and upgrade the development level, as a result of which the city’s people will share the modern civilization and happy lives.

To prioritize the well-being of citizens, the city will be dedicated to solving problems and addressing difficulties in the aim of enriching and benefiting people.

To protect the environment, the city will aim to create the first-class ecological, living, legal, administrative and business environment in order to improve its advantage in this aspect.

To strengthen the innovative power, the city will promote the innovation in idea, technology, system, culture and service so as to improve its creativity and development power.

To support its real economies, the city will view real economies as the cornerstone, and continuously improve the core competitiveness through industrial structure upgrading.

To boost the cultural industries, the city will continue to explore its cultures and traditions in order to carry along and broaden. In addition, the city will seek to realize the cultural prosperity and development in a major degree for the improvement of soft power.

To uphold the open-up, the city will widen and broaden the degree of opening up, and view open-up as the power of reform, development and innovation.

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